Police charge soldier having PTSD episode with excessive 911 calls when he reports rape in progress

26-year-old William Witherspoon was charged with making excessive 911 calls when he called 911 a total of six times, claimed he was having a PTSD episode, and made rape claims but refused medical attention.

On October 9th, Clarksville Police Officer Daniel Smith was dispatched to Independence Place Apartments located at 3193 Fort Campbell Boulevard in response to a suspected rape in progress. When officers arrived, it was determined that resident William Witherspoon had made a total of six 911 calls during the course of an hour and a half. Contact with William was made at Apartment 1411 after the third call and he advised that was going through a PTSD episode but refused medical attention, stating that he was okay and just wanted some sleep.

William Witherspoon (MCSO)
William Witherspoon (MCSO)

Officer Smith then told William to call back if things got worse. William called an additional three times making allegations of a rape in progress. When officers arrived the second time, he stated that he was okay but wanted medical attention and denied ever calling in for rape in progress. William advised that he thought he may have another episode, which officers determined meant that the offense would likely continue if they did not address it.

William Witherspoon was arrested and charged with making excessive 911 calls. He was released on a $1,000 bond.

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