Man urinates in the lobby of Comfort Inn and Suites

28-year-old Gary Gorham Jr. was charged with indecent exposure after urinating on the lobby floor at the Comfort Inn and Suites when he was asked to leave.

On August 19th, Officer Peoples was dispatched to Country Inn and Suites at 3075 Wilma Rudolph Boulevard for an indecent exposure incident. An employee at the hotel, Philip Martinez, told the officer that Gary Gorham came into the hotel and asked if he could wait for the police to arrive. Martinez allowed him to have a seat and wait.

Gary Gorham (MCSO)
Gary Gorham (MCSO)

After 30 minutes the police did not show and Gorham had fallen asleep, so Mr. Martinez woke him and asked him to leave. Gorham stated he needed to use the bathroom. He was told no by Mr. Martinez and again that he needed to leave. Gorham walked toward the lobby entrance, pulled out his penis, and urinated on the floor.

Gary Gorham Jr. was arrested and charged with indecent exposure. His bond was set at $2,500.

Janel Helms

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