Man hits woman with pillow soaked in dog urine

52-year-old James E. Galbraith was charged with domestic assault after hitting a woman with a dog-urine-soaked pillow because she “refused to clean after it.”

On October 7th, Clarksville Police Officer Alquzweeni responded to a domestic assault call at 1008 Ridgecrest Drive, where he made contact with Pamela Hodges. Hodges told officers that she had been in a verbal argument with James Galbraith when “his” dog peed on the floor.

James E Galbraith (MCSO)
James E Galbraith (MCSO)

She stated that Galbraith picked up a pillow and used it to wipe up the dog’s urine, then hit her on the head with it. She also states he picked up a bucket of water and dumped it on her. Galbraith claimed that the argument started when “their” dog peed on the floor and Hodges refused to clean up after it. Officers noted Galbraith was very upset and angry and made several threats while they were on scene to “knock her down if the officers leave.”

James E. Galbraith was arrested and charged with domestic assault. He is currently being jailed in lieu of a $2,500 bond and conditions of release.

Nick Pasquinelly

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