Man flips out after wife slaps him; slaps her back

36-year-old Joamel Rivera was charged with domestic assault when his wife slapped him during an argument, so he followed her into the bedroom and flipped a bed on top of her before he slapped her back.

On October 10th, Clarksville Police Officer Joshua Spain arrived at 2425 Egret Drive. Upon arrival, Spain made contact with Joamel Rivera who stated he got in a verbal altercation with his wife and she slapped him in the face before going into their bedroom.

Joamel Rivera (MCSO)
Joamel Rivera (MCSO)

He stated he followed her and flipped the bed over with her on it and slapped her back. His wife corroborated the story when officers interviewed her. Rivera was identified as the primary aggressor for following her into the bedroom to assault her.

Joamel Rivera was arrested and charged with domestic assault. He was released on a $1,000 bond.

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