Man drags girlfriend around by hair due to suspicions of infidelity

28-year-old Jacob Garrett was charged with two counts of domestic assault when he jerked his girlfriend around by her hair and then slapped her underage daughter in the face.

On August 13th, Officer Timothy Edwards responded to a call about domestic violence with simple assault at 50 Ladd Drive. Nicole Powers advised that the defendant, Jacob Garrett, demanded she give him her phone due to his suspicions of her texting another man.

Jacob Garrett (MSCO)
Jacob Garrett (MSCO)

When Powers attempted to take her phone back, he began screaming at her and jerking her around by her hair. Powers further stated that her daughter, who is a minor, tried to help her which resulted in her being slapped in the face by Garrett.

Jacob Garrett was arrested and charged with two counts of domestic assault. His bond was set at $5,000.

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