Man chucks chair through window while trying to fight two women

33-year-old Mario Hackett was charged with aggravated burglary after attempting to fight three people and throwing a chair through the front window of an apartment.

On September 14th, CPD Officer Daniel Smith arrived at 480 Ringgold Road in response to a domestic in progress. A yelling male, later identified as Mario Hackett, could be heard banging on a door in the second story of the apartment. Upon arriving to Apartment 7, Smith noted the home to have a broken front window, the front door was kicked in, and there were bloodstains on it. Smith called Hackett down from the second story and got him to agree to wait for medical attention for the blood on his head and severe cuts on his right arm. Officers found no one else inside the apartment but found the resident, Jessie Ellis, in a neighbor’s apartment.

Mario Hackett (MCSO)
Mario Hackett (MCSO)

Ellis told authorities that he knew about an argument between Hackett and two women. Ellis personally knew one as “‘Shay” and let both of the women into his house to get away from Hackett. Hackett reacted by throwing a chair through the front window of the apartment. Shay called the police at this point and Hackett tried to kick the door in. The two women went outside, argued with Hackett, and left the area in a car.

Ellis went outside and inspected the damage to the window while the others were arguing and went back inside his apartment. Hackett then forced his way into Ellis’ home to fight him. Ellis pushed Hackett back outside and then went to a neighbor’s home for safety. Hacket was transported to Tennova for his injuries and a warrant was obtained for his arrest.

Mario Hackett was arrested and charged with aggravated burglary. His bond was set at $10,000.

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