Man admits to officers he drank before driving down Sango Road

31-year-old John Clark was charged with his first DUI, a stop sign violation, and lack of insurance after admitting to officers that he drank alcohol before driving.

On September 12th, Montgomery County Sheriff’s Deputy Oganeku responded to a traffic stop initiated by Corporal Flemming. Driver John Clark was witnessed failing to stop at the intersection of Sango Road and Sango Drive. The smell of alcohol emitted from Clark’s person as police talked to him and he admitted to drinking prior to driving.

John Clark (MCSO)
John Clark (MCSO)

Clark was asked to and performed field sobriety tests and did poorly. Clark was arrested for his first DUI and consented to a blood test. Clark was transported to Sango Emergency Center and was also unable to provide proof of insurance.

John Clark was arrested and charged with his first DUI, stop sign violation, and lack of insurance. His bond was set at $1,500.

Seth Gann

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