Lovers’ spat ends in thrown phone and assault charges

21-year-old Christopher Freeman was charged for domestic assault, vandalism, and resisting arrest after he threw a cell phone at his girlfriend during an argument, per report.

On May 14, Officer Hankins was assigned to a case of domestic violence at the residence of Christopher Freeman and his girlfriend. The victim, whose name is unknown, claimed that she and Freeman had got into an argument.

Christopher Freeman (MCSO)
Christopher Freeman (MCSO)

During the argument, the affidavit states that Freeman threw a cell phone hitting her in the ear. While no advanced bruising was caused by the phone, there was a reported red spot in the same location as the phone following the altercation.

Christopher Freeman was arrested and charged with domestic assault, vandalism, and resisting arrest. His total bond was set at $6,000.

Blaine Kellar

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