Lamp lands soldier in jail after a domestic incident

37-year-old Jason Lee Krogh was charged with domestic assault after his wife and a witness reported he grabbed and shoved her during a domestic dispute that started over a lamp.

On September 30th, Clarksville Police Department Officer Andrew Thomas responded to a walk-in at 211 Cunningham Lane, the District 1 Clarksville Police Department, in reference to a domestic violence call where he made contact with the ex-wife of Jason Lee Krogh.

Jason Lee Krogh (MCSO)
Jason Lee Krogh (MCSO)

She stated both parties were recently divorced and she was in the process of moving out when they had begun to argue over a lamp. Mr. Krogh walked away to the back porch to smoke a cigarette with his ex-wife’s mother. She stated that was when she also stepped outside to talk to her mother. Mr. Krogh put his finger in her face and began yelling at her to leave the residence. She told police he grabbed her by the wrist and pushed her into the residence while telling her to leave, and that she had to catch herself on the doorframe while he continued to hold her by the wrist and push her.

After the events, she stated she left the residence for the rest of the evening. Mrs. Krogh’s mother confirmed everything that had happened. Mr. Krogh was asked to meet with officers at 211 Cunningham Lane to give his account of the incident. He admitted to grabbing her by the wrist but claims it was in an attempt to get back into the residence and that he never pushed her.

Jason Lee Krogh was arrested and charged with domestic assault. He was released on a $250 bond.

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