Distracted driver gives police consent to search, found with marijuana

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47-year-old Frank Sumner was charged with possession of marijuana with intent and drug paraphernalia after he was caught driving into oncoming traffic, gave consent for officers to search during a traffic stop, and was found with marijuana.

On August 23rd, Montgomery County Police Officer Weaver performed a traffic stop at 788 North Riverside Drive after a Nissan Altima was witnessed driving into oncoming traffic on North Second Street. Officer spoke to the driver of the vehicle, Frank Sumner, who stated that he was on the phone with his girlfriend when he became distracted and drove into oncoming traffic. Frank was asked to get out of the vehicle, and he provided consent for Officer Weaver to search. After the officer found a package of rolling papers, he was asked if there was anything illegal in his vehicle. He advised officers that he did not have a gun in the vehicle.

Frank Sumner (MCSO)
Frank Sumner (MCSO)

Officer Weaver asked if there were any drugs being stored in the vehicle. Frank advised police that there weren’t any “hard drugs” in his car, but that he did have marijuana. Officer Weaver performed a probable cause search of the vehicle and found a clear plastic bag containing 28.2 grams of what was discovered to be marijuana between the driver seat and the center console.

The officer also discovered a joint stored in Frank’s cigarette pack inside of the car. Frank was informed of his Miranda Rights and advised Officer Weaver that the weed was for his personal use. He then provided his phone to police to check for drug activity, and they observed both sent and received messages that discussed the sale of marijuana.

Frank Sumner was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana with intent to sell and possession of drug paraphernalia. His bond was set at $25,500.

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