Cunningham burglar breaks into garage, later found hiding beneath nearby vehicle

33-year-old Joseph Cash was charged with aggravated burglary after forcibly entering the garage of a woman’s residence without her consent and was found by deputies hiding underneath a nearby vehicle.

On June 12th, a man was heard entering a residence without the homeowner’s consent in Clarksville. The woman first heard a commotion coming from her garage followed by the home’s security system. Further investigation of the tumult revealed the shadow of a man in the garage. When the woman requested the intruder to reveal himself, the man fled the scene through the door of the carport.

Joseph Cash (MCSO)
Joseph Cash (MCSO)

The woman and her brother proceeded in attempts to apprehend the man but failed in doing so due to the man running away. Deputies were contacted, who found the man shortly thereafter concealed underneath a vehicle across the intersection of the home. Law enforcement identified the man as Joseph Cash, who admitted to breaking into the garage through a window.

Joseph Cash was arrested and charged with aggravated burglary. His bond was set at $50,000.

Blaine Kellar

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