Clarksville man threatens to burn his trailer down with everyone inside

32-year-old Jeffrey Holt was charged with attempted arson and two counts of reckless endangerment after almost setting his trailer on fire and telling his girlfriend that he will burn the house down with everyone inside.

On May 7th, Officers Bagwell and Cernick responded to an attempted arson at 922 Power Street a little after 5 pm. They made contact with the victim who stated Jeffrey Holt, the defendant, said that he was going to “burn the fucking house down” with everyone inside of it. While she was packing her and her children’s items to leave after he told her to, he became angry and began punching holes in the walls, she told police.

Jeffrey Holt (MCSO)
Jeffrey Holt (MCSO)

She said that while she was in the bedroom with him he lit a sweatshirt on fire that she threw outside to keep the flame from consuming the trailer. Holt then unsuccessfully tried to set a pillow on fire and told the victim that she would be able to see the flame from the street. He would start with him and his dog if she did not take the dog with her. The victim said that her son was standing in the doorway the whole time of the incident. Police found out that the lease of the residence and property belong to the victim and her son.

Jeffrey Holt was arrested and charged with criminal attempt – arson and two accounts reckless endangerment. The arson was dismissed but he pled guilty on both accounts of reckless endangerment. His bond was set $200,000.

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