Clarksville man charged for stalking ex-girlfriend for the third time

45-year-old Elias Mejia was charged with stalking his ex-girlfriend for the third time by sticking letters addressed to her from him in her mailbox.

On May 7th, Officer Goble arrived at 284 Lafayette Road for a condition of release violation. The complainant, Kelly Proctor, told police that around 3:30 pm that day she found two letters in her mailbox sent to her by the defendant, Elias Mejia. She has an active condition of release against for him to have no contact with her.

Elias Mejia (MCSO)
Elias Mejia (MCSO)

Mejia has been previously arrested twice for stalking and violating a condition of release against the victim. The two letters in the mailbox were stamped May 5th and May 6th addressed to Proctor from Mejia.

Elias Mejia was arrested and charged with aggravated stalking. His bond was set at $25,000.

Sebastian Shaw

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