Clarksville man with K2 enters random house screaming someone is trying to kill him

35-year-old Alfred Thomas was charged with trespassing and a salvia offense after local residents, who did not know him, say he entered their home screaming about someone trying to kill him.

On March 6th, Officer Pacheco conducted a welfare check because someone suspected a residential break-in. As the officer arrived Alfred Thomas was walking out of the sliding door in the home’s kitchen. When he spoke with the victims, they advised that the male resident had let the dog out and left the door ajar.

Alfred Thomas (MCSO)
Alfred Thomas (MCSO)

According to the affidavit, Thomas wandered in and down the hallway and the male resident was afraid because he did not know who Thomas was, ran and barricaded himself in the bathroom. A female resident was on the second floor and stated she heard Thomas yelling. Both residents agreed that he was shouting that someone was trying to kill him. A search of Thomas’ person produced two bags of “suspected synthetic cannabinoid.” The report stated Thomas identified the substance as K2. Officer Pacheco recognized K2 as a slang term for synthetic cannabinoid.

Alfred Thomas was arrested and charged with offenses involving salvia divinorum and aggravated criminal trespass. His bond was set at $30,000, but later the salvia charge was reduced to simple possession and the trespass charge was dismissed.

Trish Butler

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