Clarksville man charged for assaulting woman at Grand View Apartments

55-year-old George Kilgore was charged with domestic assault after he threw a woman’s belongings, swung at her and tried to hit her in the face, and scratched her arm. When questioned by police, Kilgore denied that anything happened.

On June 25th, Officer Greenman was dispatched to the Grand View Apartments located on 376 S Lancaster Rd regarding a domestic disturbance. Upon arrival, Greenman made contact with an unidentified woman, who informed law enforcement that George Kilgore had assaulted her. According to the affidavit, Kilgore began to throw the woman’s property in the living room. As the woman realized Kilgore’s actions, she attempted to confront him regarding the incident. Kilgore proceeded to swing at the woman in response to her attempted confrontation. Kilgore reportedly tried to strike the woman in the face shortly thereafter.

George Kilgore (MCSO)
George Kilgore (MCSO)

The victim then made efforts to separate herself from the incident by walking towards a bedroom in the residence. Kilgore allegedly took hold of the woman’s purse as she was walking away, scratching her arm in the process. The victim contacted the police, who arrived at the scene after the assault. When questioned, Kilgore claimed that nothing happened between the two parties. Further investigation revealed that Kilgore did not have a history of domestic violence.

George Kilgore was arrested and charged with domestic assault. His bond was set at $1,000.

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