Clarksville man charged for assaulting ex-girlfriend during an argument about seeing other people

27-year-old Shaquille Williams was charged with domestic assault after he was involved in an argument with his ex-girlfriend about seeing other people that turned physical, per report.

On March 22nd, Officer Elijah Gibbons was dispatched to 756 Bancroft Circle Apt B in reference to a domestic violence call. Upon arrival, Lakeasha Dowlen was sitting in a vehicle in front of the apartment. Officers noted the observation of what appeared to be a slap print across the front of Lakeasha’s forehead. She also showed officers a bite mark on her chest.

Shaquille Williams (MCSO)

Lakeasha told officers she stopped by to use the restroom. Her ex-boyfriend Shaquille Williams answered the door and allowed her inside. While she was there, an argument began between the two about Shaquille seeing other people. According to the affidavit, the argument escalated into a physical assault, and Shaquille forcibly removed her from the apartment. Lakeasha stated all her bruises and abrasions were caused by Shaquille.

Officers then spoke with Shaquille, who stated that he allowed Lakeasha inside the residence but he didn’t remember how she got the abrasions and injuries. Officers deemed Shaquille to be the primary aggressor and was taken into custody.

Shaquille Williams was arrested and charged with domestic assault. His bond was set at $250.

Joshua Beal

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