Clarksville man causes over $1,000 in damage to friend’s Impala with hammer

feat Jackson, Akelin

22-year-old Akelin Jackson was charged with vandalism after losing his temper because of repeated car troubles and causing over $1,000 in damage to his friend’s vehicle that he was borrowing.

On July 25th, Officer Marcus Onfroy responded to a report of a vandalized vehicle located at 1950 Peachers Mill Road. Officer Onfroy received a statement from Akelin Jackson who explained that on July 24th he had been in an accident on I-24. After he was medically cleared, he rode in a cab back to Clarksville to his friend’s house. Then she transported him to the Eldos Trace Apartments. Mr. Jackson’s friend then informed him that she would be going out and left the apartment complex. Mr. Jackson said that he had borrowed her black Chevrolet Impala, with her permission, and began the trip to his aunt’s house on Tobacco Road. Suddenly the car had stopped working leaving him stranded on the corner of Peachers Mill Road and Henry Place Boulevard.

Akelin Jackson (MCSO)
Akelin Jackson (MCSO)

Frustrated by the second incident involving a vehicle, he punctured the steering wheel and repeatedly kicked the trunk of the vehicle. He then used the clawed end of a small hammer and struck the rear driver door approximately five times, leaving several small holes in the body estimated at over $1,000 in damages. Mr. Jackson then traveled on foot to his aunt’s house. Officers attempted to contact him for two welfare checks before the vehicle was reported as vandalized. He was arrested at the corner of Tiny Town Road and Franklin Meadows Way.

Akelin Jackson was arrested and charged with vandalism. His bond was set at $5,000.

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