Clarksville man caught with revoked license and a half bottle of Hennessy during traffic stop

27-year-old Garry Burney was charged with DUI, driving on revoked license, and open container violation after police observed the smell of alcohol during a traffic stop, found half a bottle of Hennessy in his back floorboard, and discovered his license to be revoked for the fourth time.

On May 7th, Officer Hyatt conducted a traffic stop when the license plate of a vehicle on 146 Darlene Drive showed that the vehicle driver did not have a valid license. The defendant, Garry Burney, was the only one in the car and Officer Hyatt described him smelling of alcohol, bloodshot eyes, and slow movements with slurred speech.

Garry Burney (MCSO)
Garry Burney (MCSO)

Officer Hyatt asked Burney if he had been drinking, he responded by telling the officer that he had three corona beers about 40 minutes to an hour before he was pulled over. Burney consented to a field sobriety test where he showed multiple clues of impairment, per report. When Officer Hyatt conducted a search of Burney’s vehicle he found a half-empty bottle of Hennessy in the back passenger floorboard. A breath sample showed that Burney blew a .108 B.A.C. His license was revoked from three previous traffic violations.

Garry Burney was arrested and charged with a DUI, driving on a revoked license, and violation of open container law. His bond was set at $25,000.

Sebastian Shaw

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