Clarksville man calls false report to 911, says his wife shot him and killed their children

39-year-old Marquez Mason was charged with excessive 911 calls after he reported that his wife had shot him and killed their children. A similar report of a shooting in progress was made in March at the same location.

On May 1st, CPD Officer Pacheco, along with 14 other officers, two medics, one EMS supervisor, and one rescue truck responded to a shooting in progress at 202 Meagan Court. During that time, a man called 911 stating that Shaniqua Washington shot him and killed his children. Marquez Mason was contacted during the investigation of the call and told police he did not make the 911 call. When police tried calling the number back, it went straight to voicemail.

Marquez Mason (MCSO)
Marquez Mason (MCSO)

Mason asked to be excused to the restroom where he put a cell phone in the trash can, later to be found by police and proven to be the phone that called in the report. After referencing Mason’s voice with his wife by having her listen to the 911 call recording she confirmed that it was indeed Mason.

On March 28th, police had received a similar phone 911 call for a shooting in progress at the same location. Officers then placed Mason into custody and transported him to Montgomery Jail for booking.

Marquez Mason was arrested and charged with excessive 911 calls. His bond was set at $1,000.

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