Burns man claims open beer cans in truck were from earlier in the day, blows .106 BAC

33-year-old Cody Tyler Lee was charged with driving under the influence after police pulled him over with empty beer cans on his floor and one partially full beer in his cupholder.

On October 17th, Clarksville Police Department Officer Matthew Johnson pulled over a red GMC Sierra with its headlights out at 410 Crossland Avenue. The driver, Cody Lee, had an odor of alcohol as well as several empty beer cans on the passenger floor and a partially consumed beer in the cupholder.

Cody Lee (MCSO)
Cody Lee (MCSO)

Officer Johnson noted that Lee had watery red eyes and was uneasy on his feet. Lee failed the standard field sobriety test and after arriving at Montgomery County Jail, he blew a .106 BAC.

Cody Tyler Lee was arrested and charged with driving under the influence. He was released on a $1,000 bond.

Justan Weston

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