Woman caught shoplifting by Target employee

Kirstin Wasson (MCSO)

24-year-old Kirstin Wasson was charged with theft of property when Target heist was foiled by the store’s trusty loss prevention personnel Nathan Fown.

On February 18th, Officer Hampton responded to a shoplifting call at Target located on Wilma Rudolph Boulevard. Loss Prevention Officer Nathan Fown advised officers that he observed Kristin Wasson enter the store, choose several bags from the shelves and stash $1,191.45 worth of merchandise into those bags. He then noticed her friend, later identified as Steven Smull, tried leaving the store while she continued shopping. Steven was stopped at the door and taken to the loss prevention office and his phone was taken to limit communication between the two.

Kirstin Wasson (MCSO)
Kirstin Wasson (MCSO)

When Kirstin could not reach Steven by phone, she immediately abandoned the merchandise she had concealed and attempted to leave the store. Kirstin was then also apprehended by loss prevention.

Kirstin Wasson was arrested and charged with theft of property. Her bond was set at $10,000.

Trish Butler

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