Woman arrested after throwing a lamp and trying to punch her wife

41-year-old Amber Phillips was charged with aggravated domestic assault after she threw a lamp at her wife, attempted to punch her, and swearing at her with an officer present.

On October 13th, Clarksville Police Officer Sutton arrived at the residence of 2424 Whitfield Road lot 31 after receiving a call about a domestic assault. At the home, Sasha Phillips told Officer Sutton she and her wife Amber Phillips had gotten into an argument. Sasha reported that Amber had thrown a lamp her and made an attempt to punch her.

Amber Phillips (MCSO)

Amber left in a Lexus SUV and before Officer Sutton arrived. Amber was witnessed calling Sasha twice in an attempt to argue and was cursing at her. After Officer Sutton checked NCIC, he found an active condition of release that prevented Amber from threatening to assault or assaulting Sasha.

Amber Phillips was arrested and charged with domestic assault. She was released on a $25,000 bond.

Mattie Keller

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