Oak Grove man caught blazing down I-24 with expired tags

33-year-old Eric Payne-Bey was charged with possession of marijuana, paraphernalia, and expired tags after being seen smoking what was thought to be weed while driving on Interstate 24.

On September 15th, MCSO Deputy Brown received a drug call on Interstate 24 and was watching traffic in the area. Police dispatch said the vehicle was black and was being driven by a black male, later identified as Eric Payne-Bey, that was thought to be smoking marijuana. Brown followed a black car down the interstate and matched the license plate to the one dispatch had given. Brown also observed the tag on the vehicle was expired, and turned on their lights and sirens.

Eric Payne-Bey (MCSO)
Eric Payne-Bey (MCSO)

Once the car was stopped and officers approached the vehicle, they identified the odor of marijuana coming from the interior. During a search of the vehicle, a can of blunt buster was found in the cup holder, around 20.7 grams of marijuana was found in a mason jar, and a black digital scale was found in the vehicle.

Eric Payne-Bey was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana for resale, paraphernalia, and expired tags. His bond was set at $3,000.

Seth Gann

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