Man threatens to kill ex’s new boyfriend while he attempts to kick in her door

27-year-old Michael Zayas-Caraballo was charged with domestic assault and vandalism when he attempted to kick in his ex-girlfriend’s door, threatened to kill her new boyfriend, and vandalized her vehicle.

On September 7th, MCSO Deputy Stach dispatched to Ramblewood Apartments for a possible domestic in progress. Upon arrival, Deputy Stach spoke with Laquesha Snipe, who stated that her ex-boyfriend and baby’s father, Michael Zayas-Caraballo, was trying to kick down the door to her apartment. Michael reportedly went back to the parking lot and back to her door several times trying to kick the door down. Laquesha gave authorities a description of Michael and stated that he went to the backside of the apartment. A search of the area was conducted but Michael was not found.

Michael Caraballo (MCSO)
Michael Caraballo (MCSO)

Laquesha further advised that he came to her apartment for no reason and while he was attempting to kick the door down, he was threatening to kill her new boyfriend if he was inside with her. She reported that he was kicking the door so hard that he knocked a door stopper off the knob on the inside and broke part of the door frame.

Laquesha advised that during the course of these events, she observed him crouching down and walking around her vehicle. When she checked the vehicle, she observed numerous scratches that were not there before. She stated that she was in fear of being physically harmed if he entered the apartment. The estimated value of the door frame was $100 and Laquesha received a quote from Jackson’s Body shop for $1257 to repair the damage to her vehicle.

On September 8th, Michael Zayas-Caraballo was arrested and charged with domestic assault and vandalism. His bond was set at $6,000.

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