Man punches 14-year-old girl in the face after she tells him to “stop being an a**hole”

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53-year-old James Glick was charged with aggravated assault and false imprisonment after he grabbed a 7-year-old girl and punched a 14-year-old girl after they accidentally rang his doorbell and he was told to “stop being an a**hole”.

On September 18th, Clarksville Police Officer Michael Hickmon responded to an assault in progress at 378 Jack Miller Boulevard. Officer Hickmon made contact with five juveniles. A fourteen-year-old stated that they were walking through a breezeway and a twelve-year-old fell and accidentally rang the doorbell of James Glick. The juveniles ran leaving a seven-year-old who was not able to run fast behind. Glick came out of his residence and began to chase the juveniles grabbing the seven-year-old by her arm and not letting go. The other juveniles ran back after hearing the seven-year-old yelling.

James Glick (MCSO)

Glick then grabbed the fourteen-year-old by their neck and dragged them down the breezeway. The fourteen-year-old stated that she told Glick to “stop being an asshole” and Glick then punched her in the face. The twelve-year-old ran and got help. Officer Hickmon stated that there were no visible injuries and the fourteen-year-old refused medical attention.

James Glick was arrested and charged with aggravated assault and false imprisonment. His bond was set at $25,000.

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