K9 sniffs out man’s hidden stash during traffic stop

30-year-old Charles Bailey was charged with simple possession of heroin and unlawful drug paraphernalia after he denied consent to be searched during a traffic stop and a K9 unit was brought out for a “public odor sniff.”

On October 7th, Clarksville Police Officer Scott Freeman conducted a traffic stop on a red Ford F-150 with three occupants and expired registration at McDonald’s located at 792 North 2nd Street. Officer Freeman asked Charles Bailey for permission to search his vehicle.

Charles Bailey (MCSO)
Charles Bailey (MCSO)

Bailey denied consent, therefore Officer Freeman called in a K9 unit. As the officers were conducting a public odor sniff around the vehicle, a positive indication was made. The officers then proceeded to search the vehicle and noticed a compartment over the steering wheel that was loose.

Another officer checked behind the compartment finding a crown royal bag with a scale inside, two loose syringes, a plastic bag with paraphernalia related items, and a folded up dollar bill containing a gray powder substance. The powder later field-tested as 0.9 grams of heroin. All occupants were read their rights and Bailey claimed ownership of everything.

Charles Bailey was arrested and charged with simple possession of heroin and unlawful drug paraphernalia. He pled guilty to the simple possession charge, was fined $750, and was sentenced to 60 days in jail.

Nick Pasquinelly

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