Clarksville man charged for stalking wife after placing tracker in her vehicle

38-year-old Patrick Winter was charged with electronic tracking of motor vehicles and stalking after he placed a tracking device in the rear wheel well of his estranged wife’s vehicle.

On February 16th, officers responded to call at 3315 Guthrie Highway. The victim stated she was recently contacted by a coworker, Jonathan Harrison. Jonathan told the victim that he overheard Patrick Winter bragging about installing a tracking device in her vehicle. Jonathan told the victim to wait for him to arrive at her location. Jonathan arrived and removed a tracking device from the rear driver’s side wheel well, powered off the device, and gave it to the victim. After doing this, she was escorted back to her residence. The victim told officers that Patrick was seen at her vehicle looking into the rear driver’s side wheel well after officers left.

Patrick Winter (MCSO)
Patrick Winter (MCSO)

Contact was made with the property manager, Emily Elledge, who told police that she witnessed a man matching Patrick’s description in a grey 4-door sedan reach into the rear driver’s side wheel well. The victim stated she did not give Patrick consent to monitor her vehicle, nor was she aware of the existence of the tracker prior to being alerted by Jonathan.

According to the affidavit, this is the second incident regarding Patrick continuously attempting to contact, communicate with, or monitor the victim. This has caused the victim a high degree of emotional distress. Patrick and the victim are still legally married but living at separate residences.

Patrick Winter was arrested and charged with electronic tracking of motor vehicles and stalking. His bond was set at $5,000.

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