Brothers-in-law argue and brawl; both charged with domestic assault

61-year-old Joseph Lowe and 58-year-old Thomas Albritton were charged with domestic assault when one brother punched the other for gouging his eye.

On October 4th, Clarksville Police Department Officer Heather Hill responded to a call at 2857 Cobalt Drive, Apartment A. When Officer Hill arrived, Thomas Albritton was seated on the porch, and Joseph Lowe was sitting in his truck.

Both parties admitted to arguing all day. Lowe told officers when he and his wife were getting ready to leave, Albritton hit him in the back of the head and kicked him. Then Albritton followed him out to the parking lot, pushed him against a car, and also gouged his left eye with his thumb. Officer Hill noted Lowe had a mark in his left eye and a bloody knuckle. Albritton stated that when he came out of the residence Lowe punched him in the face and pushed him down. Officer Hill noted he had a “busted lip” and a scratch mark on his leg.

Joseph Lowe and Thomas Albritton were arrested and charged with domestic assault. Each of them was released on a $1,000 bond.

Nick Pasquinelly

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