Mother leaves 12-year-old girl in parking lot while drinking ‘for hours’ inside Electric Cowboy, police say

Sofia Beatriz Rodas, 30, & Reynaldo Salinas-Cruz, 35, face multiple charges, including child abuse and neglect after Sofia’s 12-year-old daughter wandered into the Electric Cowboy looking for her mother. Bartenders say her mother had been inside the bar drinking “for a few hours”.

Clarksville Police were alerted to a 12-year-old entering the Electric Cowboy at 1:06 a.m. on January 4th. Police say security flagged them down as the girl stated she had been waiting outside the parking lot, while her mother was inside. Staff noted that Rodas had been in the bar for ‘a few hours’ drinking and even having an altercation with Reynaldo at some point. Reynaldo told police he had only arrived at the bar around midnight, an hour before the girl approached security. When staff and police were initially searching for the mother inside the bar, after about 30 minutes they located her getting into a vehicle driven by Mr. Salinas Cruz, and the vehicle pulled off before they could make contact.

The specific details surrounding the timeline are not clear from the arrest warrant narratives, however, the 12-year-old child once again approached security saying she needed help, and then police and staff were able to locate the two adults and charge them both with child abuse/neglect. Officers note that at some point the 12-year-old child was in the vehicle with Reynaldo Salinas-Cruz while he was being driven, and he was under the influence. He is additionally charged with DUI, no license, and is held for another agency.

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