Woman charged with punching ex-boyfriend, pulling his hair, during an argument.

Kaliyah Ellis, 22, was charged with domestic assault and domestic vandalism after an argument with her ex-boyfriend over a broken water heater. She is accused of punching him, pulling his hair, and kicking his TV.

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Officers responded to a domestic disturbance call on Maple St where Kobe Morgan stated that his ex-girlfriend, Kaliyah Ellis, who also lives with him, started an argument over a broken water heater. Kobe said Kaliyah became violent first by punching him and pulling his hair but then kicking in his TV screen.

Kaliyah Ellis (MCSO)
Kaliyah Ellis (MCSO)

Officers stated that there were visible signs of damage to the television and Kobe did have injuries they observed that seemed to corroborate his allegations. Kobe’s mouth was bloody and there were signs of an abrasion on the inside of it. Kaliyah fled the scene when Kobe told her he was going to call the authorities. A warrant was secured for Kaliyah Ellis for domestic assault and domestic vandalism.

Kaliyah Ellis was charged with domestic assault and is currently jailed in lieu of a $1500.00 bond.

Kobe Morgan (Facebook)

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