Mother-in-law brandishes 2 handguns to intimidate son-in-law after an argument

48-year-old Stacy Hodges was charged with domestic assault after returning to Clarksville on June 8th. Police say she brandished two handguns and tried to trap her son-in-law in his apartment on May 29th, before fleeing to her home in Michigan.

According to Clarksville Police, the victim came home from work at noon on May 29th, and soon after his mother-in-law came into his apartment with her daughter, yelling at him about matters of her grandchild. At some point the victim witnessed Hodges placed 2 handguns onto the counter, so he attempted to flee to the front door, but as he was doing so his mother-in-law, Hodges, grabbed one of the guns from the counter, put it inside her waistband, and reached the door before him, and placed her foot in front of the door, preventing him from leaving.

Stacy Diane Hodges (MCSO)
Stacy Diane Hodges (MCSO)

She is then alleged to have lifted her shirt up, brandishing the handgun to the victim, when he attempted to open the door to escape with her still blocking his pathway. The victim was able to run across the apartment and escape via a glass patio door. The victim had an existing order of protection against Hodges, but it had not yet been served on her, and she fled to Michigan after the incident.

Clarksville police issued a warrant charging Hodges with aggravated domestic assault, and she was arrested in Clarksville on Saturday. She is free on a $10,000 bond via 2nd Chance Bail Bonds and scheduled to appear in court later this month.

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