Man tossed woman on floor, gave her ‘4 seconds’ to ‘tell the truth’ before assaulting her, police say.

Eric Taylor is charged with domestic assault and interference with an emergency call after police say he assaulted his girlfriend while accusing her of cheating. An emergency operator could hear her scream “Help me!” before the call suddenly disconnected on June 9th

According to arrest documents for 34-year-old Eric Taylor, Clarksville Police responded to a call of a domestic assault in progress in the late-night hours of June 9th. A 911 operator relayed that a female could be heard screaming for help before the call disconnected. Upon arrival, police found the victim in the bedroom, and Taylor in the garage, of the shared home.

Eric Michael Taylor (MCSO)
Eric Michael Taylor (MCSO)

The victim disclosed to police that earlier in the evening Taylor accused her of cheating on him and pinned her against a wall, then threw her down onto the floor. She says Taylor told her she had “4 seconds” to tell him the truth or he was going to kick her. She pulled her knees up and he kicked her body. According to an affidavit, she went to bed a short time later, only to be pulled out of the bed by Taylor, and thrown to the floor once again. She was attempting to contact 911 when she says he took the phone from her and toss it against the bedroom wall, and slapped her in the face twice. She told police Taylor had been consuming alcohol the previous five hours.

Eric Taylor was charged with domestic assault and interference with an emergency call. He is free on a $3,000 bond via Grumpy’s 24 Hour Bonds after serving the mandated 12-hour domestic violence hold.

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