Mother charged with biting child during an argument over going to bed

25-year-old Mystery Somnus is charged with aggravated felony child abuse and neglect after she left teeth marks and a bruise on her young daughter’s arm during an argument over going to bed. She initially claimed a dog bit her daughter, before admitting she did it.

Clarksville Police responded to a child abuse/neglect call on June 11th at Gate 3 of Ft. Campbell. A young female child was at the emergency room of Blanchfield Army Hospital, with “a bruise on her left arm with teeth marks around the outside in the shape of a human mouth”.

Mystery Somnus (MCSO)

During the investigation, it was learned that the child’s mother, Mystery Somnus, had gotten into an argument with the child about going to bed, and during the course of the incident had bitten the child on the left arm. Somnus initially only admitted to holding the child until she fell asleep, and claiming a friend’s dog caused the bite mark, but later admitted she was the one that but her daughter.

Mystery Somnus is charged with felony aggravated child abuse/neglect, and is free on a $10,000 bond via Clarksville Bonding Company. She appeared for arraignment on June 19th and is scheduled to appear in court on August 13th.

Jason Steen

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