Man charged with stalking juvenile female coworker from Wendy’s

28-year-old Nathan McLaughlin was charged with aggravated stalking after attempting to engage in a relationship with a minor, having his family harass her over text, and showing up to her residence to threaten her.

On October 13th, Clarksville Police Officer Andy Gonzalez responded to a report of stalking at the residence of1603 Northridge Court. Officer Gonzalez spoke to the 17-year-old juvenile victim who stated she used to work with Nathan McLaughlin at Wendy’s until he was fired for trying to initiate a romantic relationship with her.

Nathan Mclaughlin (MCSO)
Nathan Mclaughlin (MCSO)

She stated she received a text from his sister, Samantha Peecher, who claimed she would show up at the juvenile’s residence with McLaughlin as well as Brandon Sumner. She also wrote: “WE KILLING YOU ON SITE, WE KNOW WHERE YOU STAY ON NORTHRIDGE.” A short time after she received those texts, she spotted a white 4-door vehicle pull up to a stop sign near her house while she was sitting on her porch.

McLaughlin exited the vehicle and told her if she wanted to finish it then she should come to him. She went back inside her residence to retrieve a family member but he was gone by the time she came back outside. She reported that he said he was going to the Wendy’s on Madison Street. While officers were on the way, a man who matched his description was spotted on Ashland City Road. He told officers he never went to her residence, but was taken into custody.

Nathan McLaughlin was arrested and charged with aggravated stalking. He is currently jailed in lieu of a $5,000 bond.

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