I cannot tell a lie… that is my gun, those are my drugs, I came from that apartment

Jordan Choate, 21, was charged with simple possession, theft of property, and being a felon in possession of a handgun after being stopped on foot and voluntarily admitting to possessing marijuana in his vehicle that prompted a search that revealed even more.

On 1/06/20, Officer Nemeth advised Officer Meyers that two people exited a maroon vehicle and ran away from him as soon as they caught sight of his presence. Officers Meyers was able to identify one of the individuals as Jordan Choate[fb], who he saw run into apartment building 21. Upon contact with Jordan, Officer Meyers immediately noticed the smell of marijuana coming from Jordan’s person. Jordan told Officer Meyers that he came from apartment 216 and was then detained for further investigation. Jordan then voluntarily admitted to having marijuana in his vehicle which gave the officer probable cause to search it. While conducting the search of the vehicle Officer Meyers found a purple container in the back seat that had marijuana inside of it.

Jordan Choate (MCSO)
Jordan Choate (MCSO)

The search also revealed multiple packages of cigars and another plastic bag containing marijuana that was stored in a Styrofoam container in the backseat floorboard. Jordan was then placed under arrest and Mirandized. After having been Mirandized Jordan claimed ownership of the marijuana found and again voluntarily advised Officer Meyers of a handgun inside a green and black bag in the back of the SUV. Then he claimed ownership of the gun as well. Once the handgun was obtained a search through NCIC found that the weapon had been reported stolen from Metro Nashville. Jordan had already been convicted of a felony drug offense back in 2018 which added to the severity of the initial, potential charge. Jordan was then transported to booking and charged accordingly based on evidence and the circumstances that surrounded his person.

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Jordan Choate was arrested for simple possession, theft of property, and for being a felon in possession of a handgun and is currently jailed in lieu of a $31,000.00 bond.

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