Woman charged with assault after supervised visit goes wrong

Dustee Waters, 19, was arrested for simple assault after a supervised visit quickly escalated at McDonald’s, and the victim said she feared for her safety.

Becky Edwards, the victim, stated that Dustee Waters began yelling obscenities at her and threatening her during a supervised visitation session at McDonald’s on Fort Campbell Boulevard. Dustee reportedly came within a foot of Becky while berating her and threatening her with physical harm multiple times. Becky was in reasonable fear of physical harm. Probable cause was determined after Becky made her statement and a warrant was issued for Dustee’s arrest. Dustee was booked on the charge four days after the warrant was issued.

Dustee Waters (MCSO)
Dustee Waters (MCSO)

Dustee Waters was charged with simple assault and later posted a $1000.00 bond.

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