Mother charged with abusing 14-year-old daughter with extension cord when she couldn’t locate a belt

Jessica Golay (MCSO)

Multiple witnesses say 33-year-old Jessica Golay assaulted her 14-year-old child multiple times with an extension cord, leaving marks on her face and arm. When she was unable to wake her boyfriend, Ernest Mays, for his belt, she said “F–k it, I have an extension cord”, per an arrest warrant charging her with child abuse.

Clarksville Police were called to a report of child abuse/neglect on 11/18/19. When officers arrived at the scene, they made contact with a 14-year-old juvenile victim who stated that she had been in a verbal altercation with her brother and they went into their mom’s room, at which time the mother, 33-year-old Jessica Golay,  was laying in bed and told them both to go to bed and have a good night. The juvenile victim stated that she responded to her mom ‘It won’t be a good night if I have to stay home tonight.’ and she says that’s when her mom got mad at her and asked her boyfriend, Ernest Mays, for a belt, but he was asleep. The juvenile victim stated at this time her mom said ‘Fuck the belt. I have an extension cord.’ so she began to run downstairs.

Jessica Golay (MCSO)
Jessica Golay (MCSO)

The juvenile victim stated that her mom swung the extension cord and hit her twice. The juvenile victim ran outside screaming for help where she was heard by a neighbor, Demarco Hayes, from inside his apartment. Mr. Hayes said that he saw Ms. Golay chasing her daughter and hitting her. He stated that he broke the two apart and brought the juvenile victim down to a different apartment. There were visible marks on her face and right arm. Ms. Golay told police that she never hit her daughter with the extension cord, it was her son. And she was hugging her to calm her down when they were in the street. Due to the allegations, marks, and witness, Ms, Golay was taken into custody and transported to Montgomery County Jail. The children were in DCS custody at the time of the arrest. 

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Jessica Golay was booked into the Montgomery County Jail, charged with child abuse/neglect. She is free on a $2500 bond, posted by 911 Bail Bonding.

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