Hatchetman pops out of Clarksville hotel closet where prostitute set up a John to be robbed

A prostitute, her John, and a man hiding in the closet with a hatchet are now all under arrest after an incident at a Clarksville hotel on the day after Valentine’s day.

36-year old Gary Heitzenrater set up a meet with a woman,40-year-old Brook Walker on “OneBackPage.com” and agreed to meet at a local hotel and have sex in exchange for money. Once inside the room, Heitzenrater placed $140 in cash on the counter. Shortly after that, Walker made an excuse to leave the room.  When she left, a man hid inside of a closet, 22-year-old Levi Thornton, came out of the closet with a hatchet and told Heitzenrater to leave the money and get out of the room.  Heitzenrater demanded his money back.  Thornton threw some money at Heitzenrater, which he grabbed and then left.  Once he left, he realized the money was counterfeit and called police.

Levi Thornton (Hatchetman) (MCSO)

Officer Koziol’s investigation revealed the phone number listed in the ad came back to Walker’s phone, a hatchet was located inside of the room and the counterfeit money was seized. 

Brook Walker (MCSO)

All three were booked into the Montgomery County Jail.  Levi Thornton was charged with aggravated robbery and given a $25,000 bond. Sex worker Brooke Walker criminal conspiracy and promoting prostitution, and given a $27,000 bond. The John who called police when he was refunded fake money, Gary Heitzenrater, was charged with patronizing a prostitute and given a $500 bond.

Gary Heitzenrater (MCSO)

Jason Steen

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