City of Clarksville postpones July fireworks, issues reminder of fireworks regulations

CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. — The City of Clarksville wants to remind you of the local regulations in place for using fireworks in the city limits this Summer holiday season while postponing the annual Fourth of July downtown fireworks celebration.

Within the city limits, fireworks may only be used from July 1 to July 5 between 6 p.m. and 10 p.m. It is illegal for those under 16-years-old to possess, use or set off any type of fireworks unless under the supervision of an adult.

Tennessee state law (TCA 68-104-112) makes it unlawful to light or explode fireworks within 600 ft. of a school, church and hospital. It is also illegal to ignite or shoot them within 200 ft. of anywhere fireworks are sold or sold.

The City of Clarksville wants to remind residents it is not permissible to light or use fireworks in a motor vehicle. It’s also illegal to throw any lit firework at or in a vehicle or near any person or group of people.

The city postponed the annual Independence Day Celebration due to COVID-19 this year. They are considering the possibility of having a fireworks display September 12, 2020 to coincide with Riverfest.

Scoop: Clarksville will continue to update this story as more details come in.

Tip Campbell

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