Army Sergeant charged with DUI after reported 90+ mph speeds

Freddie Crowley, 27, was charged with DUI after reportedly traveling at more than 90 MPH on I-24 while swerving in and out of her lane.

Freddie Crowley (MCSO)
Freddie Crowley (MCSO)

Due to a citizen report, Trooper Dacosta was dispatched in regard to a red Toyota Camry driving recklessly on I-24 in excess speeds in 90+ MPH and having trouble maintaining its lane of travel. Trooper Dacosta was able to catch up to the vehicle in question on Trenton Road where he witnessed the vehicle traveling at 60 MPH in a 45 MPH zone. The vehicle then turned onto Tiny Town Road where it was seen swerving within the roadway and crossing into the next lane by Trooper Dacosta.

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Upon making contact with the person operating the vehicle the affidavit reads “I identified the driver as Freddie J. Crowley… wearing a white dress and flip flops and long black hair.” Sergeant Crowley smelled of alcohol, had bloodshot, watery eyes, and admitted to consuming multiple alcoholic beverages prior to driving. She was then asked to step out and perform a standard field sobriety test which she performed poorly on, per an incident report. She was then placed into custody and transported to booking.

Freddie Crowley was arrested for DUI and has posted a $2500.00 bond.

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