Don’t play with your food… stamps

Jared Adams, 36, was arrested for domestic assault after an argument over a food stamp card allegedly ended with him threatening to “smash in” the victim’s face.

On December 30th, officers responded to a domestic call at 810 Byard Road. Upon arrival, Deputy Parsons spoke with the victim, Tracey Edwards, who informed them that she and the defendant, Jared Adams, got into a verbal argument over a food stamp card but the situation never escalated to a physical level. Tracey did state that Jared threatened to “smash in your face” during the argument.

Jared Adams (MCSO)
Jared Adams (MCSO)

When asked if she was in fear of physical harm she responded in the affirmative but said she went to the bathroom, locked the door, and called her father before calling 911. She refused to go into detail about whether or not Jared was aggressive towards her. When questioning Jared, he stated that an argument occurred while they were “a few feet” away from each other but that nothing physical happened and no threats were made. No arrest was made at the time due to conflicting statements.

Jared Adams was charged with simple domestic assault and his bond was $250. According to online court records, the case was dismissed on February 10th.

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