Clarksville caregiver racks up $3,225 in charges to Parkinson’s patient’s credit card

Marcos Antonio Vielma[fb], 30, was arrested March 6th on outstanding warrants, and is currently jailed in lieu of a $35,000 bond in a Nashville jail, charged with a multitude of fraud & theft charges, several of which the victim was an East Nashville Parkinson’s patient, for whom he was the employed health caretaker.

The victim noticed that one of his credit cards was missing from his wallet at the end of January, and checked with his bank and found several fraudulent transactions over the last several months that he did not authorize, including combined transactions from the following locations:

  • $340.00 – Jerry’s Market – Nashville
  • $1205.70 – Z-Mart – Nashville
  • $140.00 – Centennial Sportsplex
  • $126.10 – Team Beachbody
  • $240.00 – Tigermarket
  • $18.96 – Walgreen’s

In addition to the above transactions, two withdrawals were made at the Regions Bank in Clarksville, near where Vielma lives. This bank transaction provided clear security video, where Vielma was identified, and was also driving his cream Mini Cooper, registered to Vielma.

Marcos Antonio Vielma (MNPD)

Metro Nashville police believe that Vielma was taking the credit/debit cards from the victim’s wallet over a period of time, returning the stolen card each day, so the victim would not realize they were missing, until January 9th, when one of the cards was never returned. As the caregiver to the victim, he often accompanied him shopping, and had ample opportunities to learn the victim’s PINs to the cards.

Once Vielma discovered there was an active investigation into the fraudulent transactions, he texted someone who lives in the home with the victim, admitting to using the cards, but claiming he had permission, which wasn’t true.

Marcos Antonio Vielma, 30, is charged with a multitude of fraud and theft charges, held is the Davidson County jail, in lieu of a $35,000 bond.

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Jason Steen

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