Not the most flattering senior moment

Paula McGowan, 48, was arrested for criminal impersonation and shoplifting after giving a false name to an officer and then asking if her real identity had a warrant against her.

On January 3rd, Deputy Jackson conducted a traffic stop near the intersection of Purple Heart Parkway and Lafayette Road. Deputy Jackson observed Paula McGowan as the driver of the vehicle and had prior knowledge of a warrant on file against her for theft of property. Upon making contact with Paula, Deputy Jackson asked if she was in fact Paula McGowan. She replied that she was not but asked if Paula had a warrant.

Paula McGowan (MCSO)
Paula McGowan (MCSO)

Deputy Jackson then asked her for her identification and she said that she had left it at home. She was then asked her for her full name and date of birth and she wrote the name Joyce Michele McGowan and the birthdate 7/8/1978 on Deputy Jackson’s notepad. The deputy ran the name through NCIC and was able to confirm that the name Paula provided was certainly not her. He then informed Paula that he had confirmed her identity and she stated that she used her wife’s name and date of birth.

Paula McGowan was arrested and charged with Criminal Impersonation and Shoplifting and posted a $11,000 bond.

Drew Burnett

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