Man charged after head-butting family member while drinking

Daniel Barbeau, 28, was arrested and charged with domestic assault after headbutting his brother-in-law twice after an argument while drinking.

On January 2nd Officer Parnell responded to a domestic violence call on Samantha Lane. When officers arrived at the location Officer Parnell made contact with Gage Deatherage, the victim, who stated that Daniel ‘Swole Beau’ Barbeau, the defendant, had assaulted him. Gage told the officer that he and Daniel were having drinks inside the residence when Daniel started arguing with him.

Daniel Barbeau (MCSO)
Daniel Barbeau (MCSO)

He went on to say that during the argument Daniel shoved him up against a wall and headbutted him twice. When speaking with Daniel he denied both of these claims; that no argument nor assault had occurred. Officer Parnell noted that it did look as though Gage had been struck in the nose and that he had blood on the bottom of his nose and lip. Daniel was intoxicated at the time of the incident, per the report. Daniel was transported to booking and charged with domestic assault. He is free on a $1,000 bond.

Drew Burnett

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