Home Health Nurse Lori Johnson charged with Child Abuse & Neglect

CLARKSVILLE, TN – Police have charged 62-year-old home health nurse Loi Johnson with child abuse and neglect.

Police were called to a Clarksville residence, June 4, after the foster parents of a six-year-old with a traumatic brain injury (TBI), noticed the child seemed to be crying more lately. The child sustained the TBI during a motor vehicle crash when she was two years old and is non-ambulatory and non-verbal.

The foster parents reviewed in-home video surveillance footage and saw what they perceived as the home health care nurse, Lori Johnson, being rough with the child. Detective Fatula, from CPD’s Special Victim’s Unit, investigated and saw multiple incidents on the video causing concern. One incident depicted the nurse throwing an object at the child hitting her in the face/head area and on another the child’s head was seen shaking violently or jerking as if she had been hit/shoved. During another incident, the child was being picked up and she was thrown to the ground. When the child landed on the floor she hit her head and began to cry. The detective was made aware that a “thud” sound from the impact of the child’s head hitting the floor could be heard by the foster mother in a different room.

Lori Johnson (MCSO)

Lori Johnson was booked into the Montgomery County Jail, 6/4/19, around 1 pm, and had a $25,000 Bond. She bonded out later the same day.

Detective Fatula is the assigned investigator. Anyone with information can contact her at 931-648-0656, ext. 5375.

Jason Steen

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