Gun forfeited, charges dropped, after man threatens to kill ex-girlfriend with Glock hangun

Mohammed Marzouk Hassanien was charged with aggravated domestic assault after a witness confirmed he was given a Glock handgun to hold from Hassanien, after his ex-girlfriend says he threatened to kill her while displaying the gun. He appeared in court last week, at which time the government took his gun and didn’t prosecute the domestic assault charge.

In late November, Officer Williams responded to a domestic disturbance call on Jacki Lorraine Drive. The victim, Qualeah Ezell, stated that she had gotten into an argument with her ex-boyfriend, Mohammed Hassanien, at the home they share. According to Qualeah, Mohammed kicked open her bedroom door and “cocked a handgun” in front of her. Qualeah said she watched a round eject from the weapon at that time. Qualeah went on to say that Mohammed threatened to kill her. Mohammed confirmed that he and Qualeah had been involved in an argument but told police that no handgun was involved – which turned out to not be true.

Their roommate stated that he had heard what he believed to be a handgun “being racked” and when he opened his bedroom door Mohammed handed him a gun. Mohammed was transported to MCSO Jail without incident. Law enforcement did collect a Glock handgun but observed it to be unloaded when they found it.

Mohammed Hassanien received an aggravated domestic assault charge and was given a $25,000.00 bond. He appeared in court last week, at which time the DA’s office was unable to prosecute the case due to a non-cooperating witness, however, he was required to forfeit his weapon to the state. The case was nollied.

Drew Burnett

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