Man mistakenly calls his ex-girlfriend the name of yet another ex-girlfriend, then assaults her, police say.

Joshua Herdman, 21, was sprawled on the bed with his mouth bleeding when found by Officer Harvey. Herdman wouldn’t say how he became injured, and his continued response was that nothing happened. In reality, he called his ex-girlfriend by another ex’s name, attempted to pull her from a vehicle and assault her. She fought back.

Officer Harvey responded to a domestic disturbance call on High Point Road in late November. When he arrived he made contact with Kezia Kochish, who told him she had given a ride to her ex-boyfriend, Joshua Shane Herdman. Kezia stated that Joshua was “extremely intoxicated” and when she tried to help him out of the car and into his residence he referred to her as another ex-girlfriend of his.

Joshua began hitting her and pulled her out of her own vehicle by her hair. Ms. Kochish also said that Joshua attempted to push her face toward the ground. Kezia then stated that she hit Joshua in an attempt to escape. When officer Harvey made contact with Joshua in his residence he was sprawled on the bed with his mouth bleeding. Officer Harvey asked Joshua several times what had happened and how he became injured. Joshua’s continued response was that nothing happened. Blood and hair were found in Ms. Kochish’s car that aligned with her story. Joshua was arrested and transported to Tannova Medical Center due to his highly intoxicated state. Officers and EMT had to physically carry Joshua to the ambulance because he would not walk on his own. 

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Joshua Herdman was charged with domestic violence with simple assault and posted a $2500.00 bond via 911 Bondling. He is scheduled to appear in court in January.

Drew Burnett

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