Clarksville man hurls ashtray and blood, coffee table gets flipped during dispute

39-year-old Joshua Donahoo was charged with two counts of aggravated assault and violation of probation after throwing an ashtray at two unidentified individuals during a dispute and then flung some of his own blood onto one of them.

Repeat offender attempts to conceal meth in beer cans

30-year-old Anthony Foggin was charged with violation of probation, tampering with evidence, possession of meth, and unlawful drug paraphernalia after officers discovered meth residue inside of a beer can during a routine traffic stop.

30-year-old Man busted with “Whizzinator” at probation office

30-year-old Gregory Stack was charged with falsification of the results of a drug test after he attempted to use synthetic urine inside a simulated bladder and penis at his probation appointment.

Woman charged with spitting on man, threatening to assault him with a wine rack

38-year-old Tyisha Lyles was arrested earlier this month on an outstanding warrant charging her with assault after police say she spat on a man sitting on his front porch and threatened him with a wine rack.