Woman charged after accusation of being “overly aggressive” with autistic victim

22-year-old Ta’Sauna Hunt was charged with domestic assault after striking a woman in the head during a dispute that reportedly originated with another woman who has been diagnosed with autism and was having “fits”.

On July 3rd, Officer Thomas was dispatched to 980 Silty Drive regarding a domestic dispute. Upon arrival, Thomas made contact with Ta’Sauna Hunt, who informed law enforcement of the incident. According to the affidavit, Hunt had been awakened by an unidentified woman who was having a fit. The woman reportedly has autism and regularly experiences fits. As Hunt was attempting to control the woman, an additional woman entered the room and reportedly hit Hunt in the face twice. Following the alleged attack, Hunt gathered her belongings and vacated the premises.

Ta'Sauna Hunt (MCSO)
Ta’Sauna Hunt (MCSO)

Contact was then made with the presumed assailant, who accused Hunt of being hostile towards the autistic woman. Upon observing this, the woman made attempts to separate the two parties. As the two women were exiting the room, Hunt reportedly struck the proclaimed peacemaker in the head with a closed fist. Due to both parties claiming the other to be guilty of assault, a primary assailant could not be determined.

Ta’Sauna Hunt was arrested and charged with domestic assault. Hunt’s bond was set at $250.

Blaine Kellar

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