Woman argues with daughter about leaving with her children, charged with assault

43-year-old Krista Castillo was charged with domestic assault after she grabbed her daughter’s neck for wanting to leave the home with her children, per report.

On April 25th, Officer Cox was called to 213 Alfred Drive on a call for service. Upon arrival, Vanessa Herivaux reported that she and her children were trying to leave in order to keep distance from her parents due to having several arguments with them over the past few days that seemed to be escalating.

Krista Castillo (MCSO)

Vanessa stated that her mother, Krista Castillo, came upstairs from the basement and confronted her about leaving. After a verbal agreement started, Vanessa told officers that Krista grabbed her by the neck and started pushing and pulling her. She said during the altercation she was still able to breathe but was in fear for her life. Because of this, Vanessa pushed Krista and then punched her in the face.

According to the affidavit, Krista gave officers the same story. Krista told officers she was angry but did not want to hurt Vanessa, but admitted that she wanted to put her in fear. Officers also spoke with Corrinne Castillo, Krista’s younger daughter, who also gave the same story and stated she believed Krista was attempting to put Vanessa in fear.

Officers noted that Krista had a cut above her right eye and bruising to her knee. Based on statements made by Vanessa, Krista, and Corrinne it was determined that Krista was the primary aggressor and was placed into custody.

Krista Castillo was arrested and charged with domestic assault. Her bond was set at $500.

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